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Entschuldigung, wir verkaufen leider ausschliesslich an Personen über 18.


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eZy-e Info

We separate the wheat from the chaff (or the smoke from the vape) and only offer you products that we ourselves have tested and recommend.

After having tried countless e-cigarette products, that unfortunately only ever managed toia partlly fulfilled our expectations of what a satisfying alternative to a regular cigarette should taste like, we decide to totally emerse ourselves into the world of vaping.

We quickly realised that only by piecing together the right combination of quality products would we be able to satisfy the high expectations that we demanded from this new technology.

Nowadays, we can say that we have finally found these combinations for you!

We ourselves know from first hand experience just how difficult it is to quit smoking. Especially handling those everyday situations, where you just automatically reach for a cigarette. Well now we can safely say that we can offer you a genuine alternative to a regular cigarette!

All the products in our shop, have been thoroughly tested by us for functionality, handling and reliability in order to guarantee you an excellent vaping experience.

Especially noobies to vaping need to be able to count on a product to give them a 100% reliable and satisfying entry into the world of e-cigarettes.

You willl soon relise that vaping is a whole lot more than just a replacement for conventional cigarettes!

Our goal is to revolutionise your vaping experience!

So just go full steam ahead!

Your eZy-e Team

e-Cigarette advantages:

  • To date, no proven health disadvantages.
  • No tar.
  • No smelly clothes, hands, living rooms or car interiors.
  • No passive smoke exposure.
  • Hundreds of fascinating flavors from sweet, tart or fruity to smoky and creamy.
  • Allowed in certain public buildings, offices, restaurants, bars, clubs and airlines etc.
  • Extreme cost savings compared to conventional cigarette smoking.