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Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini

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Quick Overview

The Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini is the smaller brother of the well-known V2.5 Mod. In contrast to this one, the V2.5 Mod Mini is designed to use 2x 18350, (stacked), 1x 18500 or 1x 18650 (not included). Thanks to the grooves on the outside of the mod, the transitions are nicely concealed and do not disturb the optics. With its 23mm diameter, the Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini is ideal for the 23mm vaporizers from the same manufacturer, but you can also combine it with any other vaporizer.

A special feature of the V2.5 Mod Mini is that both the plus and minus pole are adjustable in length. The plus pole can be adjusted from the inside, the minus pole from the outside. Also special is the fire button, which Vapor Giant gave to the V2.5 Mod Mini. It is not located on the bottom side like other tube mods, but in the lower area on the side. Thus the button can be operated very comfortably. To prevent the Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini from firing unintentionally, the button can be locked. Just turn the locking ring and the button cannot be pressed anymore.

The Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini is a simple held mechanical tube mod, which in combination with the matching vaporizer makes a good picture. And thanks to the side-mounted fire button, it is also comfortable to use.

Note: Since this battery carrier is a fully mechanical mod without any protective circuits, it should only be used by steamers with experience in handling Mech Mods. Please always take care with Mech Mods that you only use highly resilient batteries (e.g. Sony VTC5ASamsung 25R, etc.)


Product details:

  • Dimension: 82mm height, 23mm diameter
  • Fully mechanical mod
  • Can be operated with 2x 18350 stacked, 1x 18500 or 1x 18650 (not included)
  • Fire button on the side down
  • Fire button lockable by turning the ring
  • Plus pole adjustable in length from inside
  • Minus pole adjustable in length from outside
  • Degassing holes on underside
  • Engraved serial number
  • Colour: stainless steel

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Vapor Giant V2.5 Mod Mini

Additional Information

Lieferzeit 2-3 Arbeitstage