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Vsticking VKsma TC Kit

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Quick Overview

The name may sound a bit unmelodic, but the Vsticking VKsma TC Kit has it all, because the ESS Driver Chip from Yihi works in it. So the VKsma TC Kit is an Auto-Squonking AIO. The Vsticking VKsma TC Kit is delivered in the B-version with two different vaporizers: the SMI RADA and the SMA ADA. The SMA ADA is a disposable evaporator with a Ni211 winding and a resistance of 0.3 Ohm. The SMI RADA on the other hand can be described as a classic RDA.

The SMI RADA is supplied with 2x SS316 coils, cotton wool and a multitool, so that it can be wound and used immediately. On both heads the airflow can be adjusted by turning the cap. While the SMA ADA can be used in both modes, car and DIY, the SMI RADA can only be used in DIY mode. Only in DIY mode can the temperature coefficient be adjusted, which is important because the Vsticking VKsma TC Kit is an AIO with temperature control. Accordingly, only TC-compatible wires can be used in the SMI RADA.

The VKsma TC Kit has a 3ml tank that can be easily pulled out, filled and put back in at the bottom. In contrast to conventional squon cores, the Vsticking VKsma TC Kit does not require the liquid to be pumped up by hand. The Yihi ESS Driver Chip does this by itself. As soon as the fire button is operated, the chip automatically pumps the liquid upwards. However, you can also manually pump the liquid upwards or have superfluous liquid sucked out. To do so, simply press the plustaster to bring the liquid to the top and the minus button to suck the excess liquid out again.

The buttons for firing and for plus/minus are located on the side so that they are easily accessible. Also there is the clearly arranged display, which informs about the settings. The Vsticking VKsma TC kit offers a steam experience you have never experienced before.

Our assessment of the Vsticking VKsma TC kit: it's fun. It is clearly aimed at those steamers who are looking for something compact for on the road, but still don't want to miss the great taste of a self-winding steamer.

Note: As we offer the Vsticking VKsma TC Kit because of the self-winding, we do not have any of the disposable evaporators as a replacement. However, should there be an increased demand for the disposable evaporators, we will be able to offer them in the future.
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Product details:

  • Dimensions: 79mm height (without head), 47.5mm width, 18.6mm depth
  • Fixed battery with 1400mAh
  • Yihi ESS Driver Chip
  • 2 modes: 1) Auto: 0.3 Ohm Ni211 P1 - 10W to 15W ; P2 - 20W to 25W
                                 1.0 Ohm SS316 P1 - 5W to 6W ; P2 - 10W to 12W
                    2) DIY: 10J to 35J
  • Temperature control: 180°C to 260°C/356°F to 500°F
  • Output voltage: 1.73V to 3.5V
  • Charging current: 5V/1A
  • Tank capacity: 3ml
  • 1x SMA ADA evaporator with 0.3 Ohm Ni211 winding
  • 1x SMI RADA self winder with 2x SS316 coils and cotton wool
  • Liquid is automatically pumped up when firing
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Fire button and buttons for plus/minus on side
  • Clear display
  • Colour: Flame Black/Diamond Gunmetal/Leather Black

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Vsticking VKsma TC Kit
  • 1x SMA ADA (0,3 Ohm Ni211)
  • 1x SMI RADA
  • 1x 3ml Tank
  • 1x Silicone cap for tank
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Manual

Additional Information

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