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Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA

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The latest rda from Hussar Vapes listens to the sonorous name Legacy RDA. Even with the packaging of the Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA, you realize that Hussar Vapes manufactures its products with great attention to detail. This starts with the packaging, the Legacy RDA comes not simply in a vile box, but in a beautiful box made of wood. This serves on the one hand as packaging, but can also be used as a display or winding base thanks to the attached 510 connection.

On the underside of the wooden box is a screwed-on viewing window, behind which is the Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA with accessories. If you take the Legacy RDA out of its packaging, you will find a bag with small parts underneath. The Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA is also delivered with a black beauty ring. On the outside, Hussar Vapes stayed true and gave the Legacy RDA a simple, yet elegant dress. On the side of the top cap you can see the hole for the airflow, which can be infinitely adjusted by turning the top cap.

If you take off the top cap, you will see the interesting deck of the Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA. This is designed for the use of single coils, whereby the type of posts allows you to attach the coils in two ways. The posts themselves are elegantly embedded in the deck construction, so that no disturbing component protrudes. To fix the coil, the Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA has 2 large slotted screws on each side. In the middle of the wind-up points are the air inlets, which are placed so that the air meets the coil from below and creates a fabulous taste.

The liquid well has two millings to gain more depth. Thanks to the side recesses in the edge of the deck, the placement of the coil is a breeze. The Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA comes with a pre-mounted bottom feeder pin, but the RDA comes with a standard 510 pin, so the Legacy RDA can also be used as a normal dripper. As you would expect from Hussar Vapes, the Legacy RDA is a showpiece of an RDA and a must-have for fans of Hussar products.



  • -Material: SS316
  • -Masse: 24mm Höhe, 22mm Durchmesser
  • - 2x Schwarz NBR70 15x1 orings
  • - 1x Schwarzer NBR70 3x1 Oring
  • - 4x Custom Built 303 Edelstahl Flachschrauben
  • - von Hand gefertigtes Finish für abgerundete und glatte Kanten
  • - handbearbeitetes satiniertes Deck
  • - Bottom Feeder Pin für Nutzung auf Squonker
  • - vergoldeter positiver Post für die beste Leitfähigkeit
  • -Hergestellt in Polen


  • 1x Hussar Vapes Legacy RDA
  • 2x Schwarz NBR70 15x1 orings
  • 1x Red Silikon 15x1 Oring
  • 1x Schwarzer NBR70 3x1 Oring
  • 2x Custom Built Edelstahl Flachschrauben
  • 1x Non-BF Pin
  • 1x Holzdisplay


Verbindung 510
Lieferzeit 2-3 Arbeitstage

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