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eZy-e welcomes you to the wonderful world of vaping!

Today e-Cigarettes are the most successful way to quit smoking. Why? Because they provide a total simulated smoking experience that you won’t find with nicotine patches, chewing gum or pills.

The device gives you the handling experience like with a conventional cigarette. The resulting vapor generates the same sensation in the mouth and throat like when smoking, but without many of the harmful materials contained in cigarettes (tar, arsenic, acetone, carbon mono oxide).

With all other methods you still have to deal with the so-called trigger moments when quitting. Those times when you automatically reach for a cigarette (coffee break, after meals, social gatherings etc.). The other methods also don’t allow for easy regulation of their doses. With an e-Cigarette you take control of when and just how much vaping you need.


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The eZy-e e-Xperience!

The e-Cigarette industry has experience a surge in the last few years and the amount of products on the market is simply dazzling.

For a newbie this can be daunting, even off-putting. Worse, if you’ve had an experience with a substandard product, you may even have altogether aborted your attempt to switch to e-cigs.

This doesn’t have to be this way!

At eZy-e we understand this kind of disappointment only all too well! Over the course of our conversion to vaping we have encountered a lot of frustrating sub-par products. That’s why we have promised only to offer products that we not only have tested and approved, but also enjoy using ourselves on a daily basis.

We realized early on that the only way to achieve a truly satisfying vape experience is by piecing together combinations of the best, currently available components. This lead us to the innovation of our own, unique eZy-e Kits.

These kits will provide any newbies' a great, worry free entry point to the wonderful world of vaping!

We do the testing so that you won’t have to!

All you are left with is the best vaping experience currently possible!

And should you experience any problems or have any questions, our friendly eZy-e Team is more than happy to lend a helping hand!


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Your eZy-e Team

S a s c h a   B o l l e r   

 Speciality: E-Hookahs, E-Shishas, E-Cigarette products for noobies and geeks.  
I’ve been interested in e-cigarette products for approx. 4 years and have become a fully convinced and enthusiast vaper for about 3 year now.

My goal was to stop smoking.

Thanks to intensive trial and errors, that lead to finding the right combination of products that worked for me, I now exactly know what will give a vaping noobie a 100% satisfying entry to the vaping world.


  A n d y   B i c h s e l   

 Speciality: Kit construction and Vape Evangelist.  
I was a smoker for 30 years and have converted to vaping since 4 years now.

Initially I was extremly sceptical about e-cigarettes and waved them off as some kind of 21st century snake oil. Luckily a good friend, who is a seasoned vaper wasn’t put off by my scepticism. It was after he threw me a personal vaping “tuporware party” that I became a full convert. He had already done all the testing and I got to profit from his experience. This way I was able to enter the vaping world with the best products and juices available at the time and not get turned off by trying some bubble pack e-cig from the chemist shop.

And this is exactly the philosophie that we persue and have brought into the eZy-e vaping e-xcellence e-xperience.
We do all the testing of our products, so that you won’t have to.
You’re simply left with the best vaping e-xperience currently possible!