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Fluid Mods Mechanics Convergent RDA

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Quick Overview

The Fluid Mods Mechanics Convergent RDA is a very special kind of squonkfähiger 22mm Tröpfler. One quickly notices, if you take a closer look at the Convergent RDA. Of course, the first thing you notice is the opening of the side airflow. This seems a bit large at first, but on closer inspection, one finds that the air supply is far more sophisticated.

Because the air flow was modeled on the structure of a nozzle, whereby the incoming air is concentrated and accelerated. One consequence of this is that the temperature increases much less than with a normal air supply. The inflowing air is directed through the sophisticated air flow through the Air Guide targeted to the winding, so that maximum taste is the result.

The Air Guide will be placed between the deck and the top cap, with separately available air guides in a different format at a later date. The deck of the Fluid Mods Mechanics Convergent RDA is designed as a 2-post style deck and intended for the use of single coils. And thanks to the bottom feeder pin, the Convergent RDA can be used on any squonker box. All in all, the Fluid Mods Mechanics Convergent RDA makes a sophisticated RDA for flavor vaper.

We ordered two different versions for you. Once with the standard 14-hole Airflow Guide and once with the popular 10-hole Airflow Guide.

From 15.08.18 Convergents of the 2nd batch will be delivered. The 2nd batch has received some updates, it comes now with a sandblasted stainless steel topcap and the posts were also patched - in the first batch cut the post thin wires partially from - this problem was resolved in the 2nd batch.


Product details:

  • -Mass: 18.5mm height, 22mm diameter
  • -Material: Deck and Air Guide Cap: Peek
  •                    Top Cap and Posts: SS316
  • -Deck in 2-post style
  • -designed for the use of single coils
  • -Postholes with 2mm diameter
  • - winding rod guide: up to 3mm
  • -Side Airflow
  • -Airflow designed to concentrate and accelerate air to the coil
  • -Bottom Feeder 510 Pin
  • -separately available Air Guides (at a later date)
  • - Color: stainless steel


  • 1x Fluid Mods Convergent RDA
  • 2x spare screws
  • 1x 16x1mm O-ring
  • 2x 17x1mm O-ring
  • 1x bag

Additional Information

Connector 510
Lieferzeit 2-3 Arbeitstage