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Coil Master DIY Kit V3

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Quick Overview

If you like to wrap yourself, you will not be able to get around a suitable tool in the short or long term. Now you can buy the necessary tools individually or you can immediately access a complete set, like the Coilmaster DIY Kit V3. In the compact bag, you'll find all the tools and more to wrap coils for your RTA / RDA / RDTA / RBA.

In the Coilmaster DIY Kit V3 you also have a tweezers, a ceramic tweezers, a curved tweezers, a cross-slotted and a slotted screwdriver, a scissors and a T-Style tool with an Allen screwdriver. In addition, the Coilmaster DIY Kit V3 offers a 521 Mini Tab, which allows you to measure the resistance and coil the coil, the Coiling Kit V4 for winding and a reel 24AWG Kanthal A1 wire. Since also 100% Japanese cotton is included, you can start with the winding the same.

The Coilmaster DIY Kit V3 offers everything the novice winder and also the experienced winder needs to make his coils and all this nicely arranged in a compact bag. Therefore, if you do not want to buy all parts separately, you better access the Coilmaster DIY Kit V3.


Product details:

  • -complete wrapping set in a compact pocket
  • -1x side cutter
  • -1x curved pointed pliers
  • -1x folding scissors
  • -1x Phillips screwdriver
  • -1x slotted screwdriver
  • -1x ceramic tweezers
  • -1x curved pointed tweezers
  • -1 roll 10ft 24AWG Kanthal A1 wire
  • -1x 521 Mini Tab
  • -1x Coiling Kit V4 with silicone block for the jigs
  • -1x T-Style Allen wrench screwdriver (1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm)
  • -3x 100% Japanese cotton wool

Additional Information

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