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Tom Klark Sawyer Dessert

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Quick Overview

Cult e-Liquid from Berlin!

"Tom Sawyer Dessert" tastes- Description:

Like with my existing liquid "Tom Sawyer Klassik" and "Tom Sawyer Frucht", "Tom Sawyer Dessert" is the precise definition of taste far from being clearly placed in a drawer. The term "dessert", however, describes it best. As a dessert is to be understood in a classic way: chocolate cake, pastry, tiramisu, ice cream, candied fruit, crème brulee, or just a cappuccino.
And what would it be better to combine all these desserts in one liquid? I wanted to create a liquid that would combine these desserts, without having to make a stand out.
As with my other e-liquids, I did not just want to mix all tastes, but rather create the feeling of a dessert. Tom Sawyer Dessert is not a chocolate or coffee liquid. No, not even a fruit or cake liquid. "Dessert" combines all these, simply a delicious dessert, which conveys warmth and comfort. It tastes like "home" to come.
Who now thinks that with such a mix all the sugar is added, I can soothe. "Dessert" does not taste too sweet or over-sugared. Compared to "Tom Sawyer Classic" and "Tom Sawyer Fruit", it is even more likely to settle in the middle between these two. It remains a permanent liquid, of which one would never want to have enough.



The liquid consists of 70% DAB VG and 30% propylene glycol with USP (Pharma) quality.
Without dyes
Flavorings do not contain triacetin and diacetyl
0mg / nicotine
Why is Tom Klark's Liquid so special?

When I started the liquid research a year ago, I wanted to create a premium liquid with a good price. It should never cease to taste good, constantly inspire and always something new to discover. I've been researching for months, because there should be no component in this liquid disruptive. I wanted absolute harmony.

The "Tom Sawyer" is a continuous steam liquid and consists of twelve different flavors, which are perfectly matched. It is a very special liquid, also in handling. Just because it works as a continuous steam liquid, it wants to be studied and discovered, because it is a very fine liquid, which grows with time. First, it may taste a little too mild, but if you have sensitized your taste buds, it will never get boring. This is the special thing about Tom Sawyer: the longer you steal it, the better you understand it. Many "Tom Klark's" steamers only steam Tom Sawyer, because it tastes so versatile and delicious.

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